Janiece is here for photographers and entrepreneurs just like you 

who want to transform their business from survival mode to reaching their goals and dreams!


There’s no better feeling than having everything under control, 

having clients who love you and pay you what you are worth, 

and having an income that you deserve!

Who we are

Janiece is the CEO of an award-winning portrait studio which she built from the ground up into a six figure business.

Janiece is a Postgraduate education professional with over 10 years experience as a qualified teacher, trainer, curriculum developer and educational leader which holds her in good stead when developing her coaching programs.


She has worked as a leader in the education and training sector for over a decade and holds a Bachelor Degree (Photography & Art History) and Postgraduate qualifications in Education. 


She has over twenty years as a professional photographer owning and operating a number of successful studios.


Her qualifications alongside her practical experience of teaching, training and building her highly successful portrait studio, gives Janiece’s students assurance that they are in great hands.


You, too, can have enormous success with Janiece’s guideance.


Imagine having the portrait business on your dreams!

Tash is our Client Support Manager, Janiece's side-kick and right-hand-gal.

Tash started working with Janiece at her portrait studio over three years ago and quickly made herself indispensable!

If Janiece is unavailable Tash will pick up the slack. She can help you with booking your calls with Janiece and any technical support you may need.

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