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Running your photography business can be exciting and completely overwhelming at the same time. There are so many things to think of from legals to websites and everything else in between. You can quickly find yourself neck-deep with lists of things to do as long as your arm and feeling like you will NEVER catch up. You are missing out on time with your family and friends. Your bank account should be looking a lot healthier for all the time you are putting in.


The truth is that running a successful photography business has 20% to do with photography and 80% to do with mastering pricing, sales, systems and marketing. Janiece has cracked the code. She has the experience and systems photographers need to turn things around quickly and start making the income they deserve.

Running a business can be frustrating at times. When you’re steering the ship solo it can feel like a lonely place to be. It’s hard to know what to focus on next. Together we can define your future and vision, so you have a crystal clear direction and focus, giving you and your business the opportunity to thrive.

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